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"We had been fighting the system to gain permanent residency over a few years and going no where with all the stress and concern that process brings .Then Charl came into our lives ! Charl from the very start gave us confidence and much hope. Another mountain of paper later Charl finally won our case in March 2023 ,he said he would. Charl made the difference all the way, without him we would of lost our final appeal & who knows where we would be today .I have already recommended Charl to anyone I have met in a similar situation ,he's a skilled operator in his craft ,we are lucky to have had in our our lives in South Africa"

Barry Mellis

"Charl is one of the most stable influences in my life. It is comforting to know that he always has my back and has been supportive in every endeavour I've pursued and during different stages of my life. I consider myself fortunate to have him in my corner, and so would anyone who requires his professional legal services."

Lychelle Lill

CDC Law has the unusual combination of legal skills and business acumen. While "Most lawyers don't understand business and only focus on the downside (relationship breakdowns), this firm excels at dealmaking, rainmaking, and increasing clients' upside."

Zach Joubert

"We have known Mr Charl Coetzee for over 15 years. As a lawyer, Mr Charl Coetzee has been instrumental in assisting us with regards to the legal environment for financial institutions in South Africa and related business activities. We have had the opportunity to occasionally work together on specific client files during the past 15 years.
Mr. Charl Coetzee has been always a reliable person with whom we maintained a good relationship over all these years. His competencies are undisputed.
We can recommend Mr. Charl Coetzee without hesitation to whoever is considering entering into a relationship with him. "

Olivier Chédel


"Charl Coetzee's approach is incredibly dynamic. He is thorough, patient, kind, and incredibly helpful. What he brings to the table is something truly unique. There is no other person I would turn to or pour my trust than Charl."

Rio van der Merwe

"I can honestly say that Charl Coetzee is a lawyer that will go the extra mile to get problems resolved and to win the case. He knows the law and will fight for his clients to ensure a positive outcome. I can recommend him to anyone who requires a strong commercial lawyer on their team"

Alexander Dietterle

“I have known Charl for many years and I have always been more than satisfied with his services. 
Charl is a very sharp legal mind and skilled attorney, but he is also a fountain of wisdom in a lot of other areas, and I have enjoyed his input and proposals regarding many different subjects. 
He has assisted me with both ordinary legal issues, but also participated in a rather complex MA which turned out to the benefit of all parties - and that can partly be linked to his participation. 
I look forward to many more years to come where we can work together.”

Jorn Kristiansen


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